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Check out the story behind our labels featuring artwork by Aussie artist Ian Coate.

Creating moments that celebrate mateship

Australian artist Ian Coate began painting artwork for the Australian SASR in the early ’90s.

From the Compound Assault (Oil on Canvas) to the Moment of Contact (Oil on Canvas), his pieces have left a lasting impression. You might even be able to spot a few mates who’ve been immortalised on canvas in the artwork “The Australian SAS Soldier,” which Ian created for the unit’s Jubilee.

So, when we sought an image to capture the essence of Dog Tag Whiskey, it was with hope that we reached out to Ian.

With minimal direction, Ian truly captured it.

You see, while most people perceive Dog Tag as a whiskey business, in fact, what we aim to create are moments that celebrate mateship.

Whether you’ve just returned from an epic operation or you’re gathered around a campfire with close friends, reaching for a bottle of Dog Tag Whiskey is a fitting choice to make a toast.

We’re honoured to feature Ian Coate work on our very first labels and we look forward to hearing about the cherished moments you share with a Dog Tag Whiskey.

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