Anzac Day 2024

We’ve been relatively quiet about Anzac Day this year, but not because we don’t value sharing pictures or stories of our service. On the contrary, we truly appreciate reading the reflections and seeing the photos from peoples service. The reason for our quietness this year is that we’ve been spending time with good mates, reflecting on and remembering our close friends who made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation.

We hope that everyone had the opportunity to catch up with mates and raise a toast to our heroes. Whether your motto is “Without Warning,” “Duty First,” “Inter hastas et hostes,” “United and undaunted,” “Per Ardua ad Astra,” “Silent Service,” “Who Dares Wins,” or any one of hundreds of others, we hope you found a moment to raise a glass and reflect on those who came before us.Lest We Forget.
Anzac Day Hobart 2024 Parade
Anzac Day Hobart 2024 RTR

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