Operator’s Knife Project

We remain committed to supporting Aussie soldiers and our Australian quality knife industry. As a part of our launch we'll be raffling this rare Operator's Knife.

Carry a knife, save a life

It’s common knowledge that soldiers carry knives, using them regularly while living in the field.

However, what you may not be aware of is that Australian SASR candidates, upon successfully completing their reinforcement training, receive an operator knife along with their Sandy Beret.

Over the years, many issued knives have been tried, but few mass-produced options met the required quality standards for our Australian elite soldiers. Recognising the need for a superior fixed blade knife, senior operators engaged Australian custom knife makers to produce prototypes.


About this rare prototype Operator’s Knife

During the inception of The Operator’s Knife, several trial knives were crafted, one of which is pictured here. These knives were intended as gifts for our country’s newest Special Forces soldiers upon entering the unit.

This particular knife, one of two made by Dave Brodziak, a custom knife maker from Western Australia, closely resembles the final design.

The grind and steel (CPM S35 VN) were retained in the final version, and the slim handle made of gidgee hardwood was also kept for its ease of carriage on fighting belts.

Years of operations and rigorous training have revealed that some equipment is not suited to the environment or mission at hand and having trust in your equipment can provide reassurance and confidence in challenging situations.

We recognise the importance of having the right tool for the job, and we understand the value of quality equipment. We understand this intimately, having been alongside these soldiers for over 200 years combined.

This is where the knife pictured comes into play

We remain committed to supporting Aussie soldiers and our Australian quality knife industry. As such, we’re raffling off this unique original knife, generously donated by its first owner, to coincide with the launch of Dog Tags’ first whiskey.

To mark this occasion, we’re selling tickets for a chance to win this rare knife, with a portion of the funds raised directly contributing to the purchase of more top-quality knives for our Aussie operators.

Get in touch with us to make a donation.

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